Micky Gypsy Boy Vermooch

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Psychic to US stars and celebrities

Micky, the son of true Romanies is affectionately know as Gypsy Boy. He has worked in spiritualist churches throughout the world and gave his first reading at the tender age of 7. He has been to America many times and is a personal psychic to a number of stars and celebrities. He also works behind the scenes on many Tv shows.Through his work, Micky has encountered people from all walks of life. He says ' I treat everyone I meet exactly the same. I love to help and I'm fortunate to have inherited this gift from my parents. I give proof that loved ones, who have passed away are still around us today and that brings comfort to many people.

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''I turned to Micky when my mum passed away. I fled the US and hid myself away. I only trusted Micky with my whereabouts. He has an amazing gift and is a truly compassionate individual'' ''He spoke of things only me and my late father could know of. Micky just blew me away''4 ''We want Micky t

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Corporate Functions, Cruise Ship, Golf Clubs, Masonic Lodges, Outdoor Events, Private Events, Restaurants, Weddings

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2 x 45 minutes

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